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Rationale for using Web 2.0–In the humanities, Classical Greece gets a lot of attention.  Western civilization leapt forward democratically and culturally in part because writing interacted with speaking to produce new ideas and fuel debates.  Plato favored speaking and doubted writing much like some people treasure books and paper but doubt webtexts today.  But just as writing interacting with oral language produced some of Western culture’s greatest thinking, web-network communication like Blogs and Wikis may be pushing us toward a new explosion of knowledge.  Since many students are not digital natives to technology, they need opportunities to immigrate that we can provide as they learn course content.

2009 Full-time Faculty Survey (excludes English) on Writing Expected at Cayuga

2008 Faculty Survey of Writing Expected at Cayuga

How much do multimedia, mobile texting, blogs, and wikis matter for today's students? How will their use prepare them?

Class Management (one-to-many)The most familiar way to use a blog is similar to a classroom lecture or a syllabus where the teacher communicates unidirectionally with his or her students.

Engage Web 2.0 & Many-to-Many Communication Networks–here, we may not be able to compete with the interactivity of social networking, but we can…

Audience Questions? (Ask yourself, what would you like to do with Web 2.0 tech?)


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  1. bower on Wed, 26th Aug 2009 12:15 pm
  2. Thanks to all who attended Adam and my workshop! We hope you left with a new appreciation for Blogs and Wikis, or perhaps even an excitement in their potential.

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