“One Day” Published

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Postcard Shorts

Postcard Shorts: Stories that Fit on a Postcard.

A flash fiction story of mine published today.

Take a look. Tell me what you think.

Legend Dies

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Matheson  Richard Matheson, who I’ve always credited as making the way for Stephen King, has died. Learn more about him, and then celebrate what he gave us by reading some of his work.

No doubt, his “I Am Legend” novella will now be returning to my Film & Literature class next year, although I can’t yet say what movie will be paired with it.   Last spring, we viewed Cemetery Man with Rupert Everet.

Any other nominations?

Logic Tools for Writers

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Writing involves logic (as well as emotional appeals and establishing credibility).  To help students’ logic, I assign “Finding the Good Argument OR Why Bother with Logic” from Writing Spaces in English 101.  Brain Pickings posted the following concise explanations of logical principles.  They’re designed for young teens but really useful for anyone else too.

Bold Beginnings at Pure Slush

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Many literary magazines have moved online.  And many of these are quality publications.  Learning to write better fiction or poetry requires reading, and writers learn a lot by studying current literature for magazines they’d like to submit.  Years ago, editors provided some role in helping writers improve.  With publishing going DIY and open distribution, editors have the opportunity to return to providing some instruction.

For example, here’s Matt Potter from Pure Slush explaining how to make story openings more bold. His Australian accent and use of present.me for his illustrations are effective in ways editors in the past didn’t have the same means to pass on writing tips (or personal irritants that reject a work).


AnswerGarden app

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I discovered this app while dropping in on a Canvas MOOC this summer. It’s perfect for online brainstorming of paper topics or crowdsourcing responses. Think wiki page blended with tag clouds. The 20 character limit forces the answers to be broad enough without becoming too academic. In setting one up, an email and password allow administrative access to remove individual off-topic or inappropriate responses. But in general, this is a great additive application, so the more amassed in the garden the better it will grow (ideas).

Compost materials here.