Former Writing Student Teaches Workshops

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Writer’s Workshops at Skaneateles Library 

Are you interested in developing your creative writing skills? We’ll be hosting a five-part Writer’s Workshop for beginning and aspiring writers during the month of April. Workshops will be held from 5:00 to 7:45 pm on Tuesday April 2nd, Tuesday April 9th, Thursday April 18th, Tuesday April 23rd and Tuesday April 30th. A wide range of topics will be covered, such as the writing process, developing characters, pacing a story and creating tension. Participants may attend one or all classes. Please contact the library for details and to register at 685-5135.

Workshop leader Larry Michael Lounsbury is a local writer pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at Goddard College in Vermont.

Financial Literacy for Writers

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DD’s recent post on financial literacy got me thinking how understanding loans and spending are crucial for college students and perhaps especially for those studying writing.  Writers often spend more time with words than numbers and so one has to consider how at risk they are for higher costs or debt.  For example, what’s your basic knowledge on spending?  Take this quiz to see.

Though clearly dramatic as only a talk show persona can be, Suze Orman presented a resounding and frustratingly accurate speech last year on student loan debt that some have commented should be required viewing for beginning college students.

Student loans are serious business, and student writers should understand that their signature dedicates them to clear responsibility.