Angel Training Off the (2.0) Map

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Cayuga provided Angel training today for our online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses.  Two bits of information that struck me as useful.  The first was not a surprise.

  1. Angel will be replaced within the next couple of years with another LMS.  Since Blackboard purchased Angel and is likely to replace it with one of its products, more discussion needs to happen.   And I’d encourage everyone with experience in online learning to take part.
  2. The second was an excellent reminder for those “writing” with new media or looking to add select widgets to your webtext.  To find the perfect app, the Map of the World 2.0 can be browsed using the Mosaic or searched more strategically using the application reviews.

Map of the World 2.0

Moodle is in.

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Kairosnews posted the following music video yesterday. It’s a student project by Chandler Birch, Josh Stephens, and David Perkins out of Taylor University published to YouTube on November 26, 2010.

After playing the video a few times, I find it persuasive through two means: 1) it taps into the irritation people feel for Blackboard Inc because of their LMS’s complexity and confusion, and 2) the music isn’t half bad. As one comment said, “My kids don’t even know what [Moodle] is but they won’t stop singing your song.” The creators can’t hide that this is a student project, but using the most of their resources, they still clinch some of the moving features for this music genre.

Do you find it persuasive? Do you find it persuasive if you’ve never used online course tech?

I’ve written elsewhere that if one looks, there are lots of open source options for online learning.