Basic Communication

Below are the assessment tools needed to complete the SUNY general education in basic communication. All results from these materials should be forwarded to Cayuga’s Director of Assessment by January 31.

First, download the rubric to assess student comprehension of an oral presentation. Then, have students watch “On Being a Hero” and fill out their rubrics.

Second, [Full-time faculty for CCC's Auburn and Fulton campuses] download five copies per class. Complete and submit “faculty” rubrics on students’ proficiency of a formal or informal oral presentation.

Third, in collecting writing samples, instructors may wish to preview the SUNY rubric for evaluation; it outlines the textual requirements for the essays to be submitted to Cayuga’s Director of Assessment. (Please remove all instructor and class information before returning five, randomly selected essays for each section taught. This is a measurement of programs, not individual instructors or students.)

Finally, in addition to submitting copies of five research/documented essays per section taught, all students in English 101 will need to access and complete the following survey on revision. Click Here To Take Revision Survey. It is not timed, and students may refer to their essays or research notes they have in answering the seven questions.