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How to Register

There are several ways to register for courses at Cayuga Community college.

The College is open Monday through Friday as follows, except during College holidays:

Normal Hours
(fall and spring semesters)
Summer Hours
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Please select from the following topics below for the registration information you need.


What is a One-Stop?

New students to Cayuga who have not previously earned college credit in English and Math, are encouraged to attend a One-Stop prior to registering for their first semester at Cayuga. The One-Stop allows students to take the placement test before registering for courses and to then meet with an admissions counselor who will assist in course selection and registration. We highly encourage students to take the placement test as early as possible in the pursuit of their degree, so that their academic schedule will remain in sequence. The placement test determines the level of college English and Math which students should begin with, in their chosen degree program.

One-Stop Registration Days begin in November for Spring enrollment and in April for Fall enrollment. Call or visit our Admissions Events Schedule for a list of dates and times.

Note: If you need disability accommodations for placement testing, contact the Office of Accessibility Resources in advance at 315-255-1743, extension 2333 (Auburn) or 315-592-4143, extension 3027 (Fulton).

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Registering as a New Full-Time or Part-Time Student — Seeking a Degree

Whether you register as a full time or part student, you must be matriculated into a degree program if you wish to be considered for financial aid. Please keep in mind that if you use the self-registration process, it is imperative that the credits you register for equal the equation for full or part time status. To be considered a full time student you must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits during the semester. If you register for “late” start classes, please check with the Financial Aid Office or Admissions Office to assure if it is line with the requirements for full time status.

Be sure to view the Admissions Process.

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Registering as a New Part-Time Student — Not Seeking a Degree

You may register for courses the following ways:

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Registering as a Returning Full-Time Student

If you have been a student at Cayuga in the previous semester, you may self register on-line or make an appointment with your academic advisor.

To register online please, see our Self-Registration instructions. You can also view a list of academic advisors.

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Registering as a Returning Part-Time Student

If you were a student in the prior semester and you wish to register as a part-time student you may do so with any one of the following processes. (If you utilized financial aid funds, please make sure you have consulted with the financial aid office prior to changing from full time to part time status)

  1. You can register yourself through myCayuga if you attended in the prior semester. See our Self-Registration instructions.
    – Log into myCayuga
    – Click the Student tab
    – In the My Student Tools click the My Registration Tools tab
    – Click on “Add or Drop Classes”
    – Select the Term you wish to register for
    – Click the Submit button
    – Follow the directions on the screen; you can look up the CRN numbers on the Registration Screen
  2. at the Office of the Registrar
  3. through the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement, for help with course selection
  4. by mail (complete and send registration form)
  5. by fax: complete the registration form and fax it to 315-255-9983

If you have been a student in the past, but not the previous semester, you must apply for readmission. Use the readmission form and fax to 315-294-8840 (Auburn) or 315-592-2265 (Fulton) or mail directly to the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement in Auburn or Fulton.

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Placement Tests and Prerequisites

  • Math and English Courses:
    • Placement Tests: All students who have not taken a college level English course, not completed four years of English in the last five years with an average of 80 or higher, or not have taken high school Calculus or a college level math course who want to take a math or English course, must take the Placement Test prior to registering for such courses. Testing can be done at either the Fulton or Auburn campus, but may also be administered from a distance. Please contact the Admissions office for more information. If you have earned credit in math and/or English courses at another college, and you believe this will meet the prerequisite for a math or English course, fax your college transcript or grade report with the course information to the Registrar’s Office and then contact the Registrar’s Office and follow the process above to complete the registration.
  • Other Courses:
    • Many other courses have pre-requisites that are listed in the College Catalog. Therefore, if you are a part-time student and want to register for one of these courses please follow the same process as outlined above in "Placement Tests and Prerequisites."

You will need to provide the College with a copy of your high school transcript or GED and college transcript (if applicable).

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Proof of Immunization

If you enroll for 6 or more credit hours (other than online) and you were born in 1957 or later, New York State Public Health Law requires you to provide the College with proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. Ask your physician to provide certification; you may need additional immunizations to receive the certification. Medical and religious exemptions are permitted by law. For further information on immunization requirements, contact the College's health services office at 315-255-1743, extension 2203 or 2249.

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Proof of Residence

Tuition for credit courses varies based upon your place of permanent residence. If you reside outside of Cayuga county, but in New York State you must provide a certificate of residence in order to take advantage of the lowest tuition cost. All others pay double the tuition cost.

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Taking a Non-Credit Course?

Courses listed as “NC” (non-credit) have the same tuition and fee charges as a 3-credit course.

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Taking a Credit-Free Course?

Cayuga offers a variety of credit-free courses for personal enrichment and professional development.

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