The following are costs for the 2015-16 academic year.

Full-Time (12 or more credits per semester *)
Cayuga County Resident Tuition$2,163 / semester
Out-of-County NYS Resident Tuition (with Certificate of Residence)$2,163 / semester
Out-of-State or Out-of-Country Tuition$4,326 / semester
Activity Fee$120 / semester
Accident Indemnity Plan **$14 / semester
Records Fee$10 / semester (12 or more credit hours)
Technology Fee (all Campus/Online Students)$90 / semester
$100 / semester (over 19 credit hours)

* To register for more than 19 credit hours, permission from the Division Chair is required
** Accident Indemnity Plan is required for full-time students

Part-Time Students
(1-11 credit hours / semester)
Cayuga County Resident Tuition$178 / credit hour
Out-of-County NYS Resident Tuition (with Certificate of Residence)$178 / credit hour
Out-of-State or Out-of-Country Tuition$356 / credit hour
Activity Fee$10 / credit hour
Technology Fee (all Campus/Online Students)$10 / credit hour
Records Fee$4 / semester

Online and/or Hybrid Course Fee
(for courses conducted fully or partially online)
$10 / credit hour
Science Lab Fee (per science course with lab – on-campus only)$25 / per course
Fitness Center fee (P.E. 161, 162, or 163)$15 / per course
Books and Suppliesvary by course requirements
Returned Check Fee$20 / check

Summer and Intersession Fees
The Technology Fee, Records Fee, and Online Course Service Fee (if applicable) are charged for Summer and Intersession.

Fees for Nursing Students Only 
Malpractice Insurance
(NURS 101-102, 214-215, 216-217)
$28 / academic year
Uniforms (for two years; purchased separately)approx. $200
Educational Testing Exam (NURS 216)$50.00
Health Program Fee (NURS 101, 102, 214, 215, 216, 217)$62.50 / credit hour
Nursing Pin (NURS 216)$50.00

Contact the Business Office at 315-294-8450, or e-mail with questions.