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Nursing Skill Competency Evaluation
What is a Nursing Skill Competency Evaluation? This is an evaluation of an individual's ability toperform fundamental nursing skills in a safe and competent manner.
Who must complete a Nursing Skill Competency Evaluation? The following must complete this competency:
  1. LPN applicant challenging Nursing 101
  2. Applicant transferring Nursing 101
  3. Student re-entering Nursing 102
How do I register for the competency? Contact the Nursing office by November 15. You willschedule an appointment for an Instructor Demonstration during the first weekin December and an appointment for your evaluation one week later. Studentsre-entering Nursing 102 are not required but are strongly recommended toattend the Instructor Demonstration.
How do I prepare for the skill evaluation? You will attend a one-hour Instructor Demonstration. Theevaluation criteria for the nursing skills will be presented to you. You willbe allowed to practice the nursing skills in the Nursing Campus Laboratoryduring the one-week period between the demonstration and evaluationappointments.
What skills will be evaluated? The nursing skills of hand washing, assessment of apicalpulse and blood pressure, and administration of an intramuscular medicationwill be required.
Where will I perform the skill evaluation? The Instructor Demonstration and evaluation of the nursingskills will take place at the Nursing Campus Laboratory.
What happens if I do not perform the evaluationsatisfactorily? You will be allowed one additional attempt to perform thenursing skills satisfactorily. A second unsuccessful evaluation willconstitute an unsatisfactory Nursing Skills Competency Evaluation.