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Intro to Wines of the World

WS 110-701
Online Class
06-29-2015 – 08-03-2015
21 (Capacity: 25)
3 credit hours
William Prosser

Course Description

This course is a comprehensive class covering the basics of wine, taste and evaluation of wines, and the most prominent wine regions in the world. Specifically, we will study wines, terroir, and wine laws from the following countries and states: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, California, Washington, Oregon, and New York, with emphasis on the Finger Lakes region. Other regions from Europe, the Mediterranean, and the United States may also be evaluated. This class will also study the history of wine and introduce all of the major grape varieties. A tasting lab will be included with each class where we will study winesâ appearance, aroma, taste, and texture. Wine descriptors and terminology will be learned and enhanced as the class progresses. The class is limited to students 21 years of age and older


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