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Intro to Biological Psychology

PSY 223-150
09:30 AM
10:50 AM
01-20-2015 – 05-08-2015
12 (Capacity: 28)
3 credit hours

Course Description

Prerequisite: PSY 101. This course is an introduction to the interaction between our biology and everything we do, think, and feel. More specifically, it is a survey of the theories and research pertaining to the scientific study of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology of behavior and mental processes. It will focus primarily on the structures and functions of the nervous system and explore how the nervous system affects such phenomena as development, sensation & perception, movement, sleeping, eating, sexual behavior, learning & memory, language, thoughts, emotions, and psychiatric disorders. It will also consider the relationship between the body and mind, and how and why brain activity gives rise to your unique conscious experience. Three class hours weekly.


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