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Michael Burnham's MMT 101-102 Machine Tools I WILL be having class this Monday, October 12, from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm as normal. Please enter the BOCES building from the back entrance.
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Technical Writing

ENGL 270-701
Online Class
01-20-2015 – 05-08-2015
0 (Capacity: 26)
3 credit hours

Course Description

Prerequisite: ENGL 101. Designed to help students understand the process of creating, shaping, and communicating technical information so that people can use it safely, effectively, and efficiently. Students will learn that technical documents are addressed to particular readers; technical documents help those readers solve problems, are part of an organizational context, are often created collaboratively, using design to increase readability, and involve graphics. Students will practice writing technical documents that are honest, clear, accurate, comprehensive, accessible, concise, professional in appearance, and correct. Such documents may include memos, email, and letters; instructions; definitions and descriptions; proposals and formal written reports; job application material including cover letters and resumes. NOTE: This course may be used as an English or Liberal Arts elective but cannot be taken in lieu of required English courses.


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