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Nursing Program Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply to Cayuga's Nursing program?

  1. Complete the Application for Admission to Cayuga Community College if you have not already done so.
  2. Complete the Nursing Application online.
  3. Complete the Nursing Entrance Exam.
  4. Complete the Nursing application form and submit it by the appropriate deadline.
  5. Send official documentation of prerequisites and transcripts to the Admissions Office.
  6. Attend the Nursing Information Session (watch for postings in the Admissions events calendar).


2. What is the application deadline?

  • January 15 is the application deadline to enroll in the fall semester.


3. What criteria are used for the admission process?

Completion of all established prerequisites, previous academic performance and Nursing Entrance Exam scores are evaluated. If completed, performance in Biology 203 and 204 is closely evaluated. The nursing department has identified that a student's performance in Biology 203 and 204 is a strong predictor of performance in the Nursing curriculum. Learn more about specific requirements for admission.


4. How many students are accepted into the Nursing program, and how often?

  • The Auburn campus usually admits 50 new students into Nursing 101 each fall semester, beginning in September.
  • The Fulton campus generally admits 20 students into Nursing 101 each fall semester.


5. Should I take Nursing 207 (Pharmacology) before entering the program?

You will learn and retain more if you have a foundation in Nursing and Anatomy and Physiology to build on, so it is best to take this course after completing Biology 203, Biology 204 and Nursing 101.


6. What options are available for completing the program?

Nursing courses are completed in four semesters. The sequence is Fall-Spring-Fall-Spring. The remaining course requirements can be completed concurrently with the nursing courses or taken one, two, three or more years before starting nursing courses.


7. What are the time demands for an eight-credit-hour nursing course?

The time demands for an eight-credit-hour course are intense and equivalent to working a full-time job. Here is an example of a typical week in a nursing student's life for one nursing course:

Activity Hours Per Week
Class/Lab 6
Clinical 10
Nursing Lab Practice/Evaluations 2-3
Researching clinical assignment 2-3
Clinical paperwork 4-5
Reading/Studying 10
Total 34-37


For assistance with other questions, see our Nursing program page or contact the Nursing office.