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Computer Technologies

Providing our students with a variety of options to prepare for the work world has been the goal of the computer technology faculty. From traditional studies in computer science to the new Internet Technology option within the Computer Information Systems degree, Cayuga's state of the art facilities and up to date software will give you the education you need to compete in the job market.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Computer Science A.S.
  • Computer Hardware/Software
    Design A.A.S.
  • Computer Information
    Systems A.A.S.

Computer Science A.S. students will:

  • Develop programs that are modular in design to ensure ease of maintenance and future development
  • Create and manage sequential files, random files and databases
  • Develop programs with proper documentation and error trapping procedures
  • Effectively compose both written and oral communications including the use of technology presentations
  • Apply an understanding of theoretical and applied mathematics and their applications in Computer Science
  • Possess an awareness of various career options
  • Continue your education at a 4-year institution

Outcomes coming soon...

Computer Information Systems A.A.S. students will:

  • Develop modular programs with proper documentation and error trapping
  • Utilize methods involved in analyzing and designing information systems
  • Display an understanding of the components of a Database Management System
  • Understand the techniques and procedures to design and maintain a local area network
  • Effectively compose both written and oral communications
  • Effectively utilize the major tools of Microsoft Office Professional including spreadsheets, databases, word processing and presentation programs
  • Understand and utilize operating systems of microcomputers
  • Apply a basic knowledge of the Principles of Accounting
  • Continue your education at a 4-year institution


Cayuga Success Stories

“The CIS program provided me with key knowledge required for my position as an IT staff member at the College. The superior combination of faculty and curriculum helped me move forward in my life. I'm sure you'll see and hear this everywhere, but not enough can be said for the quality of the faculty at both campuses. The tight-knit environment motivated me to work harder, where larger colleges could never yield the same response.”  — Joe Samuels '04 Desktop support technician, Cayuga Community College

“Cayuga helped me a lot in preparing for Oswego, especially the Java course, which prepared me for higher-level coding in the Java language. All the computer classes I took at Cayuga were great.”  — Alan Campbell '04 Transferred to SUNY Oswego to study Computer Information Systems


Unique Features

  • Training in both sides of the computer industry: hardware (the inner workings of a computer) and software (Visual Basic, JAVA, CADD, and more)
  • Hands-on use of website design tools and Internet programming languages such as JAVA, Active X, and Visual Basic


Program Highlights

  • Variety of program options to match students' goals, skills, and interests
  • Blend of theory and hands-on learning in networked computer labs
  • Faculty members with up-to-date expertise
  • Well-rounded education in reading, writing, and analytical skills
  • Center for Academic Success for tutoring and advising
  • Industry connections including field trips, guest speakers, internships, and job contacts


For information, please contact:

Loraine Miller
315-255-1743, x 2416