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Become a Peer Tutor

Peer tutors provide academic support to fellow students in a variety of disciplines. If you are a good student with strong interpersonal skills and would like to become a peer tutor, please complete the Application to Become a Peer Tutor. You will be contacted by the Tutorial Coordinator, Teresa Hoercher – Auburn, or Rae Howard – Fulton

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Rewards and Benefits of Tutoring

Peer tutors gain a deeper understanding of the course material, get valuable experience, work convenient hours, earn money, and gain the satisfaction of helping others.


Qualities of a Good Tutor

Effective peer tutors display outstanding interpersonal skills, good listening skills, and concern for their fellow students. Peer tutors perform well academically and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher, with at least a B in the subject they want to tutor. A prospective tutor must provide the name of a faculty member who can attest to these qualities as a reference.


The Tutor Training Program

All peer tutors must successfully complete a tutor training program. Cayuga's program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. Training introduces students to the principles and practices of peer tutoring and is offered through a one-credit course, CAS 101, or equivalent workshops. Students will be recognized as CRLA Certified Peer Tutors when they have completed tutor training and a sufficient number of tutoring hours.

  • CAS 101: Foundations of Tutoring: Principles and Practices
    Catalog Description:
    An introduction to the principles and practices of peer tutoring, including the theoretical background of learning theories and related methodologies of one-on-one tutorials and small group cooperative learning. Focus will include philosophy, procedures, and hands-on practice to prepare students to become competent in the peer tutorial process.
  • Goals/Objectives of the Course: The goal of the course is to train students to become effective tutors. Students will gain a comprehensive view of the tutoring process. The course will teach students how to peer tutor in content area, addressing study skills and learning strategies with the goal of fostering student success and independent learning.


CRLA Peer Tutor Internship

  • CAS 102 CRLA Tutor Internship (2)
    Prerequisite: CAS 101. Permission required. This course is de­signed to provide an internship opportunity to an experienced CAS/CRLA Certified tutor within a discipline-related work experi­ence (classroom/lab/office) working at the discretion of the faculty sponsor. The four core elements include: experiential learning, professional development, performance assessment, and reflec­tion. The student must be on-site for a minimum of 3 hours per week in addition to a 1 hour weekly meeting with the Internship Advisor.
  • CAS 103 CRLA Tutor Internship II (2)
    Prerequisite: CAS 102. Permission required. Based upon the recommendation of the faculty sponsor and internship advisor, a student would have the opportunity to repeat the CAS 102 internship. These students would also serve as mentors to the students taking CAS 102.
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