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Request for Tutorial Assistance

To request tutorial assistance, please fill out the information requested below and select the Submit button. Any fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required.

Contact Information

Assistance Information

* I am:
I am interested in:
I could use support in (please check all that apply):
My major issue regarding this course is:
The specific tutor I'd like to work with, if any, is:
I was referred to the Center for Academic Success by:

Tutoring Agreement *

(If you have any questions, visit the Center for Academic Success.)
I understand that I am responsible to be prepared (bring all necessary materials) and arrive punctually for my tutoring session. I agree to take initiative for my own learning and will notify the tutor and/or the Center for Academic Success if I am unable to make my appointment. I agree to provide feedback on the tutoring session if asked. Instructors will be periodically notified of students who are working with peer tutors. There are limits to the amount of time a student may schedule tutoring.