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NetTutor FAQ's for Students

NetTutor FAQ's for Students:

Cayuga now offers NetTutor online tutoring support for our online, evening and Sunday courses. Here are some tips to get the most out of this FREE service.

If you have further questions, please contact Brandon Davis-Shannon at with any computer/Blackboard questions, or Terry Kupp at with any other questions about NetTutor.

What is NetTutor?

NetTutor is an online tutoring service that Cayuga has contracted with to provide online support for our online, evening and Sunday classes.

How do students access the service?

The link is an option under the Tools link in the Course menu (the left side panel) in every course in Blackboard. You may also find that your professor has additional links in your Blackboard module, too!

What does a tutor session look like/How does it work?

Here are links to two YouTube videos that take show sample tutoring sessions:

Do students need a NetTutor login to access the service?

No – the NetTutor link built into Blackboard will take you right to where you need to go. Just click and go!

Does NetTutor follow the same tutoring practices (i.e. Socratic method) as on-campus peer and professional tutors?

Yes! We have reviewed NetTutor's Rules of Engagement (guidelines for tutors working with Cayuga students) and they are consistent with Center for Academic Success practice.

What subjects are supported by NetTutor?

Any online, evening or Sunday class can receive Writing support provided by the NetTutor paper center. For most other subjects, you can go into NetTutor to see which tutors are available for live tutoring (see YouTube videos above) OR submit a question and receive an answer within a designated amount of time. MOST subjects are supported by NetTutor but not all. NetTutor currently does not have tutors for Criminal Justice, GIS, Music, Sports Management and TELC courses.

How will faculty know if students are using NetTutor?

The College will receive monthly reports about our students' usage that is passed on to professors.

Is NetTutor for all classes and students?

NetTutor supports online, evening and Sunday classes only. If you are taking classes on campus weekdays, please visit the Center for Academic Success to learn more about all of the peer and professional tutoring services we offer.

What web browser should I use to best access NetTutor?

To access NetTutor, it is recommended you use Mozilla Firefox. There are incompatibility issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer.