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Program Review

Program Reviews Completed for 2012-13 are:

Business Administration by Bill Prosser & Amy Valente

Computer Science by Barry Fitzgerald & Dia Carabajal

Action Reports are saved on the faculty drive.


Each program of study at Cayuga Community College is reviewed on a five-year rotation. Each review contains the self-study data, student learning assessment and a peer review made up of two peer institutions and someone (s) from the field. When the program review is completed, the assessment liaisons meet with the VP of Academics, Director of Assessment and appropriate Department Chair to go over the recommendations and draft an action report to address those recommendations. The actions items are implemented as seen valuable and are re-assessed the following year, thereby closing the assessment loop. Each program has two liaisons who receive a small honorarium for their assessment work. The work is faculty driven and seen as a useful means to maintain and grow programs' quality and currency.